Growing up on the east coast of New England, you learn early on that you have to Earn Your Summer. And that is the anthem we follow here at Along the Keel. 


Winters are harsh in New England. The months are filled with grey skies, bitter cold temps, and windy days. We work hard through the winter months, looking forward to and fully appreciating the summer months. It is during the summer months that our love for the ocean and coastal living thrives. Days spent on the water, working hard, and playing harder.


Along the Keel is your source for the stories behind top coastal brands. Built on the water by outdoor enthusiasts, they were created out of a need for a better product. We dive into the why behind the brand helping you make a better choice when building your outdoor lifestyle.  


The culture of these brands flourish because of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. And their passion extends well beyond the water's edge: they choose to actively connect with and give back to their communities. Stick around. Listen to their stories. 


Born from a need, built by the water. We give these authentic products our stamp of approval.


Welcome to Along the Keel, 



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When not in the studio recording his next episode, Zach is a full-time captain based out of Rhode Island doing fast response and towing in salvage. On his days off, you’ll find him on the water or training with his team at Providence Barbell Club. Living on the east and west coasts, and Hawaii, Zach developed an intense passion for all things ocean. Follow him on Instagram @captain_zachariah_rollins

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