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- Capt. Zach


#079 Ocean State Spearguns
With spring officially here and the final days of winter coming to a close, we take a trip down to Richmond, Rhode Island venturing into Ocean State Spearguns R&D facility sitting down with founder Matt Novakovich.
#074 Thrash Can
On this week's episode of the podcast, Capt. Zach sits down with another Capt. Zach, the creator of the Thrash Can. As a serial entrepreneur, Zach always solved problems, especially if they were detrimental to the coastline. It wasn't until a trip to Costa Rica, loose trash in the cockpit, and a napkin sketch would eventually bring the Thrash Can to life. 
#073 Deep Apparel
This week Zach heads down to iconic Point Judith, Rhode Island, home to good surfing, great beaches, and of course, fishing. We chop it up with locals Matt and Mike in the cockpit of the Tuff Guy, a 46’ Wesmac built for the rough waters of the northeast. 
#072 Bajío
 In this week's episode, Zach sits down with Al Perkinson, founder of Bajio. After well over a decade building Costa sunglasses, Al had decided to change course, take his experience, and build a sunglasses company that incorporates his love for the ocean and building positive change. Bajio, meaning “shallows” in Spanish pays tribute to the estuaries, low-country, and origin for life in our oceans. It's a brand that focuses just as much on conserving the ecosystems we explore as they do on their sunglasses. 
Episode #071 PARKIT | Founder Steven Wilcox
Ordering products online is as easy as click, click, receive right? Not quite... As an entrepreneur, Steven Wilcox knows the challenges behind every order fulfilled and  is happy to put in the work. Steven spent years creating a brand he is proud of and a chair worth the wait! Listen to the story behind PARKIT and learn how you can enjoy the exploration yourself!
#070 Deckhand Logbook
What if you could find a career that fuses the things that you know, love, and want to explore into one? Lange Sulberg did just that as soon as he graduated from graduate school and hasn’t looked back since. Lange...
#069 Mang
Twin brothers with one mission, change the world one mangrove at a time! Rooted in Florida, Keith and Kyle have planted 142 acres of mangroves worldwide, created 11.1 million dollars in ecosystem services, and simultaneously educated thousands on the importance...
Episode #068 | 2021 Waterman Eco-Challenge
In this week's episode, we recap the Waterman Eco-Challenge, an event we live-streamed from Narragansett Beach earlier this month. The event brings together watermen from around New England for a one-mile swim and a three-mile ocean paddle, all for a good cause. 
Episode #067 | FARO Surfboard Bags
Jack Ventura is quite the traveler. Originally hailing from Long Island, Jack knew growing up that he wanted to travel as far and wide as he could. Once he graduated from high school Jack began to work odd jobs here...
Episode #066 | Relic
  Aiden and Alex from Relic are as genuine as they come, taking a true hands on approach to all aspects of their business. What started as a campsite brainstorming session is now an inclusive, creative, all hands on deck...
Episode #065 | Deadrise Project
In this week’s episode, Zach sits down with Brian and Eric, the guys behind the Deadrise Project, a company that encompasses the full spirit and soul of the center console lifestyle. Their style extends into surf, moto, bike, skate, vintage trucks, and anything else that connects people with the coast and outdoors. If you are someone who loves the coast and the vintage vibe then this episode is for you! 
Episode #064 | Viking Village
This week's episode is a bit different than what you might typically hear on Along the Keel. We touch on how the business was built and focus on how the guys at Viking Village and Couch Chronicles are "re-branding" the fishing industry.
#062 | Tom Rowland
In this week's episode of the podcast, Zach chats with Tom Rowland, one of the founders of Waypoint TV, athlete, and entrepreneur. His expertise in the industry has led him to a career in the outdoors, with a mission to...
Episode | #061 Captain Experiences
In this week's episode, Zach sits down with Attison and Jonathan, the founders of Captain Experience an online platform that connects high-quality fishing guides and outfitters with those looking to experience what their local waters have to offer. These guys...
Episode #060 | Fight Lure Co
In this week's episode of the podcast, Zach chats with Dave Sanatore, the founder of Fight Lure Co. Dave's love for fishing and turning lures started from a young age in his high school shop class, but it wasn't until...
Episode #059 | Beaches and Beans
In this week's episode of the podcast, Zach chats with Steve and Matt, a father and son duo who have created an incredible coffee brand built along the Montauk Coastline. It's a cup of coffee filled with a great story,...
Episode #058 | Bold Coast Burns
In this week's episode, Zach sits down with Dylan Stewart, the man behind Bold Coast Burns. Growing up a stone's throw away from the water, Dylan was emersed in the ocean from an early age, diving, fishing, and exploring the...
Episode #057 | DEKIT
In this week's episode, Zach touches base with the folks from DEKIT, a company taking the marine flooring to the next level. These guys have raised the standard, creating a durable, performance-driven, and comfortable marine decking materiel for your hardcore...
Episode #055 Crafty One Customs
In this week's episode, Zach sits down in person with Ralph Crafty, the founder of Crafty One Customs. Building a fishing rod is one thing, but creating a community is something that not everyone can do. It's safe to say...
Episode #054 Puddle Pirate
Squid, Jarhead, and Chair Force are all nicknames given to branches of the military and the Coast Guard is no exception; earning the name Puddle Pirate. Yet despite poking fun at the service Chris Edington, a former Coastie himself decided...