#082 West Passage Oyster Co

Dotting the surface of the water in a cove along the West Passage sits line after line of oysters. The cages bob up and down with the wind and current while the tide feeds the oysters the necessary nutrients for them to grow. Today, aquaculture is seeing a resurgence in Rhode Island, from the Salt Ponds of South county to the coves of Narragansett Bay. The coastal economy has always been an important part of Rhode Island culture. With an early morning start in Wickford Harbor, we take a trip out to visit a long-time friend Graham Wason, the founder of West Passage Oysters. Tagging along, we get the story behind what it takes like to get the humble Oyster from the bay to your plate, the love of working on the water, and how a chocolate lab named cub earned his place on the farm. That and more in this episode of the podcast!