The Compass

Serving Veterans, One Fish at a Time
This week, I sat down with Arthur Johnson, Brian Quinlan, and Patrick Goldsmith to talk about their non-profit organization Operation Reel Heroes. Their passion for our veteran community knows no bounds. The organization is comprised of volunteers from the Cape...
Closing the Loop On Plastic
Along the Keel is taking it international this week, sitting down with Benny Mandos, co-founder of GOT Bag, and Matthias Paisdzior, the head of GOT Bag North America, to talk about how their German brand is creating the world’s first backpack made from recycled ocean plastics. Utilizing a network of fishermen in Indonesia to collect plastic as bycatch, the company has created a supply chain that puts sustainability at the forefront of their mission while closing the loop on plastic pollution.
Time Well Spent
This week Zach sits down with Michael Simms, the founder of Hook and Gaff Watch Company. Hook and Gaff is a wristwatch company that creates products specifically for sportsmen in the field. Simms recognized a need for outdoor activity-specific watches when he was playing golf for Clemson University in South Carolina and the crown on his watch rubbed against his wrist, over time creating a callus...
Episode #027 Boat Grub
On This Week's Episode Amidst a global pandemic, Hugh Mitchell had just graduated from college and the job opportunities that he had lined up had all but disappeared due to the circumstances taking place around the world. Hugh decided to...