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Our 9-5's limit us all from pursuing the things we are passionate about. For that reason, too many people lose touch with activities they genuinely love doing. We deliver content that reminds and empowers people not to lose those connections. We're realists, & we get it - we've got bills too. But with a bit of diligence, add some creativity & spontaneity, there are opportunities to chase the things you love. Our goal is to help you do that. 

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Nick's 9-5 is in Account Management. He's a proud girl Dad and enjoys the casual fanny pack. He loves camera gadgets and screaming enthusiastically. Jack of All, Ace of None - Nick is really good at getting excited. If you need a hype man, he's your Huckleberry.

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Professionally, Tim is a Project Manager. Off the clock, he's a strike mission sherpa, and barometric pressure enthusiast. Often referred to as The Oracle, Tim is a skilled and experienced waterman. He never turns down an opportunity to get wet, and for that we thank him.

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Ryan's a full-time Content Director for a fishing reel company. He loves to fly fish & spends most of his time at home behind a tying vice, Pacifico in hand, and his beloved chocolate lab Hank by his side. We also refer to Ryan as the Newt, Capt. Newt, or Newter. He's slimy yet satisfying.

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Hunter, Angler, Photographer - Kirk Marks

About a year ago we came across Kirk Marks on Instagram and instantly felt drawn to his work. We're inspired by people who work hard at their day jobs, but prioritize time for their avocations as well. To us, that's what it's all about. Kirk is a talented photographer, and a skilled outdoorsman.

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Got Skunked, So We Drank Beer

A couple months ago we decided to fish on Ryan’s boat in Lynnhaven Inlet. It’s winter, and the water temperature is in the low 50’s. The fish are lethargic, but still chewing. I had some luck earlier that week catching Speckled Trout and Red Drum, so I was excited about the prospect of us getting on some fish.

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Chasing Tides is a collective of outdoor enthusiasts passionate about fishing and surfing. We are 9-5ers - we live for the moments created off the clock. Our goal is to help you pursue your passions, whatever they may be, despite the daily grind. Join us and connect with like-minded individuals committed to the chase.

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