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Raw Elements combines is easy on the skin and tough on the sun. Holding up in some of the harshest environments, yet still focusing on sustainability, responsibility and education. Raw Elements mission is to deliver safest and most effective sunscreen on the planet using all natural ingredients.

    4 products

    4 products

    Giving Back

    Waterman Eco-Challenge

    Raw Elements founder, Brian Guadagno founded the Waterman Eco-Challenge. An annual event taking place on Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island. The day brings together watermen from around New England, to raise money for a good cause, while bringing awareness to ocean safety.

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    Raw Elements | Face + Body Tin SPF 30
    Raw Elements | Face + Body Tin SPF 30
    Raw Elements | Face + Body Tin SPF 30
    Raw Elements | Face + Body Tin SPF 30

    Raw Elements | Face + Body Tin SPF 30

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    Enjoy the same serious full-body sunscreen without the plastic. Made from certified all-natural ingredients, it provides UVA-UVB true broad-spectrum protection. As a performance-driven sunscreen, it is very water-resistant beyond 80 minutes, yet so gentle and moisturizing it is perfect for kids. Packed with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and extracts, it continues protecting your skin long after environmental exposure. The tin can be recycled along with other aluminum items. 

    EPISODE #005
    Behind the Brand
    Tune in to listen to founder Brian Guadagno's backstory.
    JUNE 1ST

    Practice what you preach. Raw Elements not only creates one of the most sustainable sunscreens on the market, but also founded World Reef Day, a day dedicated to preserving our oceans reefs.



    I’m a marine biologist and protective mother. Not only do I feel confident that the ingredients won’t harm the marine system, I’m also aware that they won’t harm my children.

    Caren Eckrich

    I’ve been looking for a face sunscreen that actually works for several hours in the surf and that doesn’t break me out. This stuff was the real deal!

    Jennifer Biestman

    Raw Elements is the best natural zinc oxide sunscreen for you if you're a highly athletic outdoor enthusiast and serious about wanting a 100% natural sunscreen.

    Dr. Cynthia Bailey