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The loudest outdoor speaker


The first Turtlebox was born out of necessity. After breaking every “loud” product on the market through routine outdoor use, the idea of the Turtlebox was born in our garage, not as a business but just for personal use. Nothing else could get the job done.

    3 products

    3 products

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    behind the brand
    We chat with founder Jonathan Mckenzie

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    I use my Turtle box an avg of 4 days a week. 3 of them on the boat! IT IS AWESOME!

    Tony Borleis

    I bought one of these for my dad and he loves it so much everytime he uses it, which is all the time, he sends me pictures of it's adventures. I think he's just really hinting he wants another one.


    This is by far the Best Speaker I’ve ever owned and totally worth the money!

    Mark Stewart

    I purchased the Turtlebox to use in my side x side while riding trails. This thing has amazing sound in a small package. It in my go to Bluetooth speaker.

    Chris Rodway

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