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Waypoint TV is the leading the charge in the outdoor industry, bringing together the best outdoor content onto one platform. Waypoint looks to educate, inspire, and equip the future of outdoorsman, all while creating a positive impact on the ever growing industry.

Shows We Recommend

Tom Rowland Podcast

A legend in the fishing and fitness industry, Tom combines his love for the outdoors and athletics into one show. Bringing together a wide variety of people, expertise, and inspirational guests; the TRP is one of the best!

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The Captains Log

Hosted by Jonathan Moss, The Captains Log is one of our favorites on Waypoint TV. Jonathan is incredibly genuine and truly loves to share his passion for fishing with others. Tune in to season 3 on Waypoint TV.

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The Captains Collective

A great podcast dedicated to bringing together guides from around the nation to tell their story. Hunter, a guide himself, is dedicated to promoting a positive change along the coast and has been a fan favorite here at Along the Keel.

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Waypoint was the brainchild of group of outdoor industry leading TV show producers that realized that their way of life could soon be extinct. The very devices that are destroying the industry are the same tools that we are using to save it.

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