#earn your summer

Here at Along the Keel we believe in providing high touch marine services throughout southern New England. Providing boater education, vessel deliveries and charters for brokers, dealers, and private clientele.


Growing up on the east coast of New England, you learn early on that you have to Earn Your Summer. and that is the anthem we follow here at Along the Keel. We work hard to provide reliable service, so that you can enjoy the summer months without worry.



A PODCAST for the coast

Curating the stories behind the people, brands, and organizations that lie along our shoreline. Listen to the show where ever you get your favorite podcasts.

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Meet the Team

It takes a village to bring you the best stories, podcast, products that make up our coastline. A small but mighty crew, Along the Keel is brought to you by people who live and breathe the ocean landscape.

Captain Zach leads the charge when it comes to marine services and Tyler heads up the media department, together they are unstoppable.

Captain Zach | co-founder

When not in the studio recording his next episode, Zach is a full-time captain based out of Rhode Island doing fast response and towing in salvage. On his days off, you’ll find him on the water or training with his team at Providence Barbell Club. Living on the east and west coasts, and Hawaii, Zach developed an intense passion for all things ocean. Follow him on Instagram @captain_zachariah_rollins

Tyler | co-founder

Raised just North of "Bean Town", Tyler grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Rhode Island to study civil engineering at The University Rhode Island. Throughout life, Tyler found himself drawn to the arts, eventually picking up a camera and taking shots as a hobby outside of work. Now his passion for photography has turned into a side hustle. He's the guy behind the lens in all content created by Along the Keel.



Zach has a purpose in mind with this podcast. This isn’t a self-indulgent, influencer-wanna-be waste of your morning, this podcast is a conversation with people who are doers, not watchers. The length is spot on and the guests make you want do so something more with your time.

Jeff lund
Ketchikan, Alaska

As a young company with a focus on transparency, authenticity and blue economies Along the Keel couldn’t have been a more perfect platform to echo our mission.

James Merrill
San Clemente, CA

I had the pleasure of joining Capt. Zach Rollins on the podcast Along the Keel, a show he hosts dedicated to outdoor brands and their stories. The time flew by as Zach and I spun yarn on my company Atollas; how it started; the highs and lows of entrepreneurship; and our mutual love for the water.

Shea Tighe
Charlestown, SC

Zach is an excellent interviewer and his show is entertaining. I was honored to be a guest

Turner Rowland
Bozeman, MT

Capt. Rollins is a gifted story teller and has a effortless way to connect with his guests and extract the most interesting and impactful content from each one.

Low Country Local

Capt. Zach truly has a natural way of making the guest feel comfortable and really getting the story out of them. Leave it to a Captain to not only connect with his guest, but to take control and lead the outdoorsman into the digital age!

Art Hill
Tampa, FL