Pleasant St. Wharf

Website Development. Photography. Graphic Design

We had the fortune of working with one of Rhode Island's last standing "old school" boatyards. The kind of boatyard that has a keg in the back and a boat on the dock older than most of the patrons.

Working with owner Matt Collins we set out to remodel the Pleasant St. Wharf (PSW) brand. One that has been standing strong for over 70 years. In need of an update we created a new online image for PSW, developing a lead generating website with new logo and custom photography throughout.

It was our goal to make sure that the character of Pleasant St. Wharf would be well portrayed online, just as it is in person.

Custom Photography

With its old school charm and rich history it would be hard to tell the story of Pleasant St. Wharf without putting the lenses to work. By the way, Hobo is our favorite boat in the bay. More to come on that vessel...

Start with a new look

Outdated, the PSW logo was in need of a revamp to help bring the site together. Our team got right to work, bringing elements of their old logo together, with a new clean look.