Aerial Boat Shot


Rhode Island Podcast Reels in Listeners with Nautical Theme

Captain Zach Rollins of North Kingstown profiles waterside professionals in his new podcast “Beyond the Buoy”

Like many young men with a gregarious personality, Zach Rollins decided to start a podcast. But “Captain Zach,” as he’s known, didn’t want to talk about movies or true crime. He wanted to talk about the “blue economy” – people who make a living by the water.

“I love the ocean, and I know a lot of other people enjoy it as well,” says Rollins.


Hosted by Captain Kelsey Walezewski

You better believe almost any boy would dive right in and swim for dear life if his parents told him that! Zach Rollins and his family always lived less than a mile from the ocean, and with boat keys in hand, Zach revved into an explorer’s dream of a childhood. Endless Rhode Island hours were spent traversing islands and studying tide pools by a boy full of questions and curiosity. This kid’s passion turned into his adult reality when, with a college degree and captain’s license freshly under his belt, Zach immediately kickstarted an exciting career on the ocean.